Services Offered by Liliana Cleaning Services Inc

Cleaning and Housekeeping Services: Our cleaning specialists are all professionally trained, and ready to take care of your cleaning needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our cleaning team is able to provide top quality services using all natural eco-friendly cleaning products, each with a touch of aromatherapy on it. Our service rates are affordable, and you can even tell us all about your personal cleaning preferences, as well as your thoughts on adjusting the service rates according to the type and number of your rooms.

Special Services: Unlike other cleaning service providers, we perform laundry and ironing at the cheapest service possible! Other special services we offer include mold management, flood remediation, bed bug extermination, pet care, post-construction cleaning, clutter removal, pre- and post-event cleaning services and other types of cleaning-related duties you can think of! If your beds need to be arranged and sheets require changing, leave it to us – these are all for FREE!

Customer Support Service: Need any concern to be answered? Don’t be shy; contact us! We will be glad to hear about your personal cleaning preferences, questions, comments and suggestions via our website, email, phone or even through our office at Queens, New York. Our friendly customer support service is ready to accommodate you from 7 AM to 10 PM daily, but feel free to send as an email or use our website any time you want!

What Makes Liliana Cleaning Services Different? You’ve probably read about other cleaning service providers and their services, and became tired of hearing they are the best when it comes to cleaning services. For Liliana Cleaning Services, what matters most is client satisfaction, and that what defines “best cleaning services” for us. What makes us stand out from other cleaning services providers is that we are client-oriented, making sure that the health, comfort and contentment of our customers are all satisfied with our services.

Team of housekeeping at Liliana Cleaning Services Inc 11 Years of Experience: From 1999 to the present, we have served hundreds of homes in New York and New Jersey. Our long experience in providing housekeeping and cleaning services is our ultimate weapon in promoting excellent service to our potential customers like you. We know that you want someone that is well-experienced, because housekeeping skills don’t develop into full grown excellence overnight. So with this experience, we are proud to offer our services to you and hope that you would trust us with your housekeeping needs.