About Liliana Cleaning Services Inc

Team of housekeeping at Liliana Cleaning Services Inc Our Services: While commercial cleaning products are truly powerful agents in cleaning rooms and floors, still we couldn’t afford to see our clients suffer from health problems caused by the chemicals in these cleaning materials. That is why Liliana Cleaning Services has been using all-natural aromatherapy products to provide a healthy living environment for your whole family.

Our Clients: Liliana Cleaning Services currently provides services to all boroughs of New York and some locations at New Jersey. We are happy to offer cleaning services to our new clients who are referred by our previous (and returning!) customers. From their chosen cleaning service packages to their personal cleaning preferences, we make sure that we take note of everything that is involved in our cleaning duties. Today, our company has been able to put up a strong service-oriented business, thanks to our faithful clients who leave the care of their homes to us.

Our Advocacy: In our commitment to provide only the best services, we join the “Go Green” global environmental campaign through the use of non-toxic natural products instead of non-biodegradable cleaning products that are harmful to our environment both during usage and disposal.

Our Passion: When we ask clients why they keep on returning to us for more housekeeping services, they don’t fail to mention our devotion and passion in cleaning homes. Well, it’s true; all members of our housekeeping team really love to clean!